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Academic Writing


In the Name of Love: White Organizations and Racialized Emotions 

Sociology Compass

A sociology of bullying: Placing youth aggression in social context


“It’s Getting Difficult to Be a Straight White Man”


No Homo: Gendered Dimensions of Homophobic Epithets Online


Who is a Real Man? The Gender of Trumpism


Good Guys Don’t Rape: Gender, Domination, and Mobilizing Rape

Sociology Compass

Hybrid Masculinities


Notes on a Sociology of Bullying


Resource and Risk: Youth Sexuality and New Media Use


‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse

Book Chapters

Bullying as a Social Problem

Education and Society.jpeg

Sexuality in School

Other, Please Specify.jpeg

What to do with Actual People

Gender Reckonings.jpeg

Gender in Transition:

Inequality in the 21st Century.jpeg

Fag Discourse in a Post Homophobic Era

LGBTQ Issues in Education.jpeg

K-12 Students in Schools

The New Sexuality Studies.jpeg

Guys are Just Homophobic:’ Rethinking Adolescent Homophobia and Heterosexuality

Representing Youth.jpeg

’What if a Guy Hits on You?’ Intersections of Gender, Sexuality and Age in Fieldwork with Adolescents

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